The @thefrenchfolk, a luminary in the world of Instagram, masterfully fuses the elegance of French aesthetics with a global interior design sensibility. With an impressive following of over 120k, this influencer's feed is a visual tapestry of refined taste, showcasing exquisite interiors, curated spaces, and artful decor. A maestro of ambiance, The French Folk invites followers into a world where every room is a canvas for sophistication and style. From charming Parisian apartments to worldly design inspirations, their curation elevates interior design to an art form, inspiring a dedicated community to reimagine and infuse their spaces with timeless allure.

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Janson Forrest 4 Seat Sofa

Margaux Follis (thefrenchfolk), is a discerning individual who, like many others, hesitated to own a linen sofa with active kids in the house. However, she decided to break free from the fear and embrace the elegance of the Janson 3 Seat in Beach Linen.

In her own words, "I’ve always been scared to own a linen sofa with kids but I finally went for it and don’t regret it." This testimonial speaks volumes about the durability and resilience of the Janson sofa, proving that you can have both a stylish living space and a family-friendly environment.

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