About Us

Our secret is simple.  We deliver beautiful, custom made furniture at unbelievable prices.

Unlike almost all traditional furniture retailers, we don’t have shops, warehouses, sales staff, costly executives or shareholder bonuses.  The best part of our secret is that you still get excellent service, a superior product and a fantastic 5 year GOLD or 12  year PLATINUM choice of life cycle warranties.

We offer a great selection of quality designer sofas and chairs, with efficient delivery. There are no middle men to inflate our prices. This means unprecedented savings, on some of the world’s best collection of sofas and chairs.


For decades, our SECRET SOFA team have worked with  many of the greatest sofa manufacturers and fabric designers in the USA, Europe, Asia and  Australia, to bring quality design to many  thousands of customers around the world. We’ve collaborated with local and international retailers to provide an inspirational experience to consumers of every budget.  

What we’ve begun to notice however, is the prevalence of massive retail margins and many unnecessary layers creeping into the industry.  Not too many weeks go by without one or another retailer offering a 50% off deal or a Buy One, Get One Free deal. We know this is rubbish, and we want our customers to know it too!  Believe us, those retailers that do this constantly are definitely making their full margin at the so-called reduced price- otherwise there’d be a shareholder revolt.  Too many retailers are getting the customer to cover exorbitant rents for storefronts and offices , wages and commission for sales and support staff and hefty executive bonuses - to name just a few of the layers.

So, in a way it’s heartbreaking to see products that you’ve worked hard to bring to life, suffocated by an excessive retail price.  This is where Secret Sofa comes in.  Our mission is to bring the furniture consumer a highly curated collection of furniture and rugs at the most amazing, affordable prices.  To achieve this, we’ve eliminated all the unnecessary layers found in the traditional retail models and discovered a new, direct way of connecting our customer with the world. Whatever you do, check us out before buying somewhere else - we want our Secret to become yours.

Your journey with Secret Sofa is backed by our friendly team and our 30 day money back guarantee.  If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.



Life is complicated enough without unnecessary layers. Here as Secret sofa we believe in simplifying the process. We buy in bulk direct from our manufacturers. No middlemen means you save BIG!


Just because something has always been done the same way, doesn't mean it can't be improved on. We are always looking for feedback to be better, so drop us a line and tell us what you think.


At Secret Sofa we don't believe in falsely inflating our prices, just to put the product on sale a few days later. We have low prices everyday. Its the 50% off, without having to make a big deal of it.


Feel safe knowing that we have encrypted checkout procedure. We like to make the process easy for you. You order, we pick the order, we deliver the order, we take the rubbish, you kick back and relax on your new sofa! Its that easy!