About Us

the story so far

Ignited by a deep passion and a rich career in the national sofa retail landscape, our founder, Richard, embarked on a mission to carve a distinctive niche in an already saturated market. With almost five decades of experience spanning various Australian furniture retailers, Richard gained an insightful understanding of the Australian consumer's desires and how to fulfill them. His vision birthed a sofa specialist centered on design, offered at accessible price points, where customers are valued as individuals, not mere entries on a sales spreadsheet. Bid farewell to the notion that exceptional design must bear a burdensome price tag. It's a new era.


Passionate team members





The power of smart design

Crafting an exceptional sofa is a nuanced art, demanding a profound grasp of various intricate elements. It necessitates not only years of experience but also a keen comprehension of how each facet harmonizes with the others. From shape and material to color, frame, cushion construction, seat support, proportion, and price, these components intricately interweave to give rise to the flawless product. Designing a sofa becomes an intricate dance of these elements, requiring expertise to achieve perfection.

Secret Sofa

The process

The significance of a well-defined design principle becomes apparent in the product design process. With a clear vision, one can tailor products to align seamlessly with a targeted niche. In our early stages, emphasis was placed on curating an array of exclusive designs that harmonized with our business visions and goals. Following the establishment of a foundational range, our focus shifted to comprehensive customer research, guiding the creation of meticulously crafted products that cater to the distinct needs and desires of our customers. We delicately navigate the balance between design and price, ensuring that our products become cherished focal points in our customers' homes, whether they are homebodies or avid explorers, providing a sanctuary in their own living rooms.


Designed in Melbourne & Sydney


Australian family owned & operated


Focus on service

Modern retail

Breaking down the barriers.

Navigating a digitally focused landscape as a sofa retailer in a saturated market poses unique challenges. Today's consumers are exceptionally informed, conducting thorough online research before stepping into conventional brick-and-mortar stores. We've successfully risen above the noise by discerning the customer's priorities and strategically addressing those needs.

Breaking down the barriers


Our products are meticulously crafted to ensure broad appeal, recognizing that aesthetics play a pivotal role in home purchases. While we avoid extremes, we strive to strike a balance between subtlety and making a statement, catering to diverse tastes without compromising on style.

Breaking down the barriers


Comfort is subjective, varying from person to person. While one may find deep feather seating to be the epitome of comfort, others may disagree. We offer a range of comfort levels, prioritizing proportion to ensure each individual finds their ideal seating experience.

Breaking down the barriers


Uncertainty poses a significant hurdle, especially in online shopping. While we strive to alleviate concerns with detailed information and high-resolution images, we highly recommend visiting our showrooms for a firsthand experience. We take pride in our product quality, supported by 3- and 10-year warranties, ensuring peace of mind for our valued customers.

Breaking down the barriers


We provide an extensive range of options tailored to your budgetary preferences. Whether you're seeking a 3-seater under $1,000 or a luxurious leather modular priced at $10,000, we ensure there's something for everyone. Beyond this range, we believe the value proposition diminishes significantly, and we're committed to delivering unparalleled value for your investment.

Breaking down the barriers


Unlike many designer sofa retailers, we buck the trend of long lead times. Thanks to substantial reinvestment in our business, we maintain ample stock of most items, ready for immediate delivery. Our steadfast commitment to the motto "everything must be in stock" ensures swift access to our coveted designs.

our history


Secret Sofa launches in Melbourne Victoria with a core range of sofas and chairs. Purposefully designed and wrapped in trend driven colours. Our humble beginning in Cheltenham where we still reside today.


We continued to develop our ever growing range of products, assembled a tight team of passionate team members and ramped up our efforts to break into the digital retail scene.


We designed and introduced our exclusive black diamond seating and numerous exclusive leathers and fabrics, along with a full custom order offering for design savvy individuals. Most of which are still in our range today.


As Covid rocked our nation, people spent more time at home and shopping online. We were launched into the stratisphere as our products caught the attention of keyboard shoppers and our "everything must be in stock" motto instantly fulfilled the needs of customers.


We begin to target interstate and gain customers in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide as well as many regional locations across Australia.In late 2021, our founder Richard begins the search for a likeminded buyer to take over the business as he looks to retire.


A buyer is found for our fledgling business; an Australian family of furniture retailers with 45 years of experience who share the same vision as Richard. With a desire to uphold the values originally instilled by the founder.


HELLO SYDNEY! We take a leap of faith and open two new stores in Sydney along with full integration into existing warehousing and delivery networks. We are ready to scale.

2024 and beyond

We strive to continue opening new showrooms with a goal to be within an hours drive of 75% of Australians by 2030. Be part of our journey.