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Ruby & Jordie

Why Semi-Aniline?

Semi-aniline leather is a type of naturally tanned leather. To be classed as semi-aniline, it can only be slightly pigmented during the tanning process.

The natural grain and hair pores must be visible through the pigmentation for it to be classed as semi-aniline.

As it is a natural product, it has a rustic look and feel and showcases all the scars and marks that have occurred on the hide before, during and after the tanning process.

While semi-aniline leather is not as soft as fully-aniline leather, it has increased durability due to the application of a light surface coating with a small amount of pigmentation.

While semi-aniline leather does have a tendency to pick up marks, it will not crack or peel over time. Any marks or scratches will melt right into the leather and add to the rustic look.

We choose semi-aniline, because it means you're getting a durable product that will look wonderful in your home, for a long period of time.

What to expect from your sofa

When you receive your sofa, you may notice it already has some level of scratching, variance or spots.

These spots and marks are completely normal and should be expected on any natural leather sofa.

They add to the rustic vibe and feel of your natural product. Below are some examples of markings and variance you can expect on a single panel of a product (pictured on our Ruby and Jordie sofas).

Love Natural Leather

Natural, semi-aniline leather has so many benefits that we know you'll love. Natural leathers offer a great, rustic look and will fit seamlessly into a range of spaces. Natural leathers offer unbeatable durability when it comes to children or pets, as spills can be easily cleaned with a dampened microfibre cloth and marks or scratches will just add to the rustic look. Natural leathers require minimal maintenance and you don't have to use leather care products for the leather to retain a luxurious look and feel.

While the majority of our stocked leathers are natural, we also have a curated range of leathers that can be custom ordered on our 10 year warranty sofas with more traditional, solid colour finishing. These offer a more traditional look and can be an excellent option if you are after something that isn't so rustic.