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Ruby & Jordie

Marcus Fabric Custom Sectional

The Marcus sectional is the ultimate customisable sofa. Choose exactly which pieces you need to create your ultimate sofa.

Choose from 10 unique pieces and 14 different fabric & velvet covers to get the look and feel you are looking for!

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We developed our premium sofa range using our 30 years experience in the furniture industry. Each product has been designed specifically to stay with you for the long term. That’s why your Marcus Fabric Custom Sectional has a 10 year warranty.

Each sofa was designed using durable materials and all our fabrics and leathers are chosen because they’re easy to maintain and will age gracefully in your home.

For the exact details of what’s covered by our 10 year warranty, please visit our warranty page.

The lead time for custom order products is 12-16 weeks in most cases.

Sometimes, we have extra stock on order of custom order products. If you place an order and we've got additional stock coming, we'll take the stock out of an existing order rather than raising a new one.

The lead time on orders where we already have the stock coming can drop down to around 4-8 weeks, although this will still vary depending on when you place the order and what stock we've got on order.

Regardless of the situation, we'll always do what we can to make sure you get your custom stock as quickly as possible.

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