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Ruby & Jordie

Cruiser Vogue Velvet Swivel Chair

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Vogue Moss

The Cruiser swivel chair is custom made, to order.

The Cruiser is designed to do just that - cruise. With an effortless and smooth swivel, the Cruiser will fit perfectly in any home, office or meeting space.

The Vogue velvets are vintage style velvets, spun with microfibre yarns that are designed to resist staining and wear and tear, well past most domestic requirements.

The velvet will show day to day markings from pressure applied, light bruising from folds, sitting and packing. This gives the Vogue velvet its unique vintage look and will help the velvet develop a beautiful patina over time. 

You'll see this from the moment you unpack your chair and it is just one of the great characteristics that makes your chair unique. 

In addition to being stylish, our velvets are so easy to clean - just vacuum the cushions with the brush head once every week or so.

Backed by our 10 year warranty.

79cm Wide, 99cm Deep, 84cm High.

All our velvets were designed to be low maintenance and easy to keep clean. With a majority being 100% microfibre, they have great longevity.

To keep clean, just vacuum your sofa on a weekly or biweekly basis, using the brush head.

To clean up any spills, just spot clean with a water-dampened microfibre cloth. We do not recommend using any abrasive cleaners as this can degrade the integrity of the fabric.

We do not recommend using any after-market velvet or fabric protectors as they do not offer genuine protection for your sofa. 

While the majority of our velvet sofas do not have removable covers, if you are able to remove the covers they should not be machine washed.

We developed our premium sofa range using our 30 years experience in the furniture industry. Each product has been designed specifically to stay with you for the long term. That’s why your Cruiser Vogue Velvet Swivel Chair has a 10 year warranty.

Each sofa was designed using durable materials and all our fabrics and leathers are chosen because they’re easy to maintain and will age gracefully in your home.

For the exact details of what’s covered by our 10 year warranty, please visit our warranty page.