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Afterpay your Furniture

Need a new sofa, armchair or couch now?

Enjoy simple, fortnightly payments with Afterpay. It's easier than ever to purchase your furniture from Secret Sofa.

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How to use Afterpay

It's easy.

Add your sofa or furniture to your cart.

Select Afterpay as your payment method when you checkout!

You'll need to have signed up for an Afterpay account, which you can do at the Afterpay site. Read the full terms at Afterpay. 

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Afterpay FAQ's 


What's the maximum Afterpay credit limit that I can borrow? 

With Secret Sofa, Afterpay lets you borrow up to $1000. 

I've never used Afterpay before? 

For your first online Afterpay purchase, they will typically require a pre-authorisation up to 25% of the total amount put on Afterpay (plus one cent). 

Late Afterpay payment? Are there late fees? 

Yes! Like anywhere else, if you pay late you'll be penalised. Afterpay will charge you a late payment fee of $10 and an incremental $7 late fee for each week the order is overdue. So make sure you pay on time!

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