Velvet Vibes

Velvet Vibes

There’s no doubt about it, velvet upholstered sofas create a showstopping look in any living space. Velvet armchairs make a statement, velvet ottomans add style and velvet cushions throw elements of trend throughout interiors.
We love rich velvet colourways and designs here at Secret Sofa. We love the edge it brings into a space, and when made correctly, the comfort it brings too.

Why a velvet sofa?

So why a velvet sofa? Apart from velvet providing a luxurious feel, it provides a very inviting look. It’s fabric composition allows light to hit it, absorb it and reflect stunning rich tones that add a vibrant feel to living spaces. It’s a striking fabric that turns mediocre spaces into ones with depth and character.

Velvet upholstery not only looks great but feels good too. It’s soft and so nice to sit on. Paired with brass accent pieces, velvet is given the opportunity to really pop! Our Marie sofa in vogue moss and vogue ocean, when paired with brass looks incredible. Our velvet sofas are soft to touch and filled with luxurious foams that ensure you and your guests are seated in comfort all year round.

People believe that velvet upholstered sofas, armchairs and ottomans are hard to clean and maintain. We are here to tell you this is a misconception! The way that velvet is made – a high quality polyester and dense pile, means that the fabric is less likely to scratch, fade and crush when its been seated on for a while. This results in much less effort required to keep the your velvet furniture pieces looking fresh and new.

How to care for your velvet furniture?

It's so important to keep your furniture clean. Not only for hygiene purposes, but to ensure longevity of your velvet sofa, armchair or ottoman.
Follow these easy steps to clean and maintain your velvet furniture and accent pieces:
1: Like anything, clean up any spills as quickly as possible. First use an absorbent wipe, such as a household paper towel to absorb the mess that has been made. Dab and blot, DO NOT rub!
Then, use a clean, damp soft cloth with soapy warm water to wash the spill. Circular movements over the spill work best. Work the cloth into the fabric until the spill has been removed. Let the mark air dry.

2: Vacuum your sofa regularly to remove all dust. We suggest using the soft brush hand held nozzle. Ensure the brush is softer then the fabric to avoid any marks, scratches or damage to your velvet.
3: Invest in a velvet brush, to use regularly on your velvet pieces.

4: Rotate any back cushions regularly to keep the sofas shape.

It’s that easy! Velvet is a fabric that has been around for many years and it keeps rolling around in seasonal styles and trends. Rest assured, buying vlevet today, will be an investment for tomorrow. It wont ever date.
Shop our velvet sofas, velvet chaises, velvet chairs and velvet ottomans here …

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