How To Care For Your Leather Sofa

How To Care For Your Leather Sofa

Investing in a sofa is such an exciting process. You can spend endless hours of searching for a style that works into your space and a design that suits the way that you live. Let us make it easier for you, by sharing our easy tips and tricks to maintaining leather – and giving you just few reasons why we think you should consider a leather sofa, leather armchair or leather ottoman for your home.


Why Should I buy a leather sofa?

In addition to leather showcasing stunning natural characteristics of its original hide, leather is a look that can be easily introduced and styled into various living room spaces. Our leather here at Secret Sofa has been carefully curated to ensure we bring you the highest of quality, for the best price.


1: Trendy! Fashion comes and goes, but leather stays on trend all year round. It’s stunning in Winter, paired with oversized throw rugs and textured cushions. It can be styled eclectic, boho, urban or in some cases even coastal! It’s a natural material that never dates.

2: Durable! Leather sofas are so durable. They can take a lot. Whilst we don’t recommend sitting the unclipped nails of your fur baby on the sofa, without a mat to protect the leather, we do believe leather is super durable. Using a leather care kit on your sofa regularly can help with the durability of your leather couch.

3: Easy to clean! Leather sofas are so easy to clean. In addition to being durable, all they require is a regular dust and a sofa damp cloth to clean. Easy huh?!

We love leather here at Secret Sofa. We love how it looks, how it feels and how easy it is to maintain. We’ve put together a list of a few easy ways you can maintain your leather sofa, so that it lasts for years to come.

Tips to caring for and maintaining your leather couch, leather armchair or leather ottoman:



  • Regular cleaning and maintenance is a necessity – dust and follow up with wiping the leather with a damp cloth.
  • Wipe any spills immediately. Use a damp cloth – ensure the cloth isn’t saturated to avoid ruining the leather. Let spill air dry naturally. Don’t use heat to dry.
  • Invest in product cleaners and leather maintenance kits. Use as per recommended to ensure longevity of the leather



  • Avoid placing your leather sofa in direct sunlight. The heat can cause peeling, cracks in the leather or fading of the leather colour.
  • Don’t ever use general household products to clean the sofa. These chemicals can be harmful to the leather

We offer a range of leather sofas, in varying sizes. There is something for everyone - from family friendly large modular styles to smaller apartment designed couches.

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